Directory of Explore Alliance Ambassadors

The Ambassadors of the Explore Alliance are individuals who are enabling the general public at large to understand a deeper level of scientific literacy. We believe that through a greater understanding of science, society will be more enabled to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges.
These Ambassadors are available for lectures, outreach events, and for educational outreach. They are also there to consult with you to answer your questions about their fields of exploration and expertise. 
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - J. Kelly Beatty
J. Kelly Beatty
Science Journalist - Lecturer - Outreach
Award-winning science journalist and astronomer. Protector of dark skies...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Teresa Plymate
Teresa Bippert-Plymate
Lecturer - Outreach
Retired professional solar astronomer, now devoted to educational outreach in astronomy...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Adam Block
Adam Block
Astrophotographer - Lecturer - Outreach
Renowned for his astrophotography, he is known for his astrophotography workshops...
Abigail Bollenbach
Lecturer - Outreach
Lecturer and author, with a focus on space exploration and astronomy outreach...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Shelley R. Bonus
Shelley R. Bonus
Lecturer - Outreach
Shelley Bonus is an astronomical historian and lecturer, an award winning performer...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo
Cesar Brollo
Lecturer - Outreach
Based in Buenes Aires with Astronomia Saracco, Brollo is heavily involved in astronomy outreach throughout Argentina...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Dr. Stephen J. Edberg
Dr. Stephen J. Edberg
Lecturer - Outreach - Author
Edberg is a retired JPL scientist, professional astronomer, and an amateur astronomer...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jerry Hubbell
Jerry Hubbell
Science Imaging - Outreach
VP of MSRO Science, Inc., Assistant Director of the Mark Slade Remote Observatory (MSRO) and VP Engineering for Explore Scientific...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Pranvera Hyseni
Pranvera Hyseni
Lecturer - Outreach
A global science popularizer, and the Founder and Director of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - John Johnson PE
John W. Johnson
Lecturer - Outreach
Serves on the board of directors for the Nebraska Star Party (NSP), Inc. He is the Director...
David H. Levy
Dr. David H. Levy
Lecturer - Outreach - Author
Known for his comet discoveries and for his many books and articles on astronomers...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Steve Mallia
Stephen Mallia
Lecturer - Astrophotographer - Outreach
President of the Mississauga Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Founder of Ontario Telescope and Accessories...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Alain Maury
Alain Maury
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Photographic scientist for the second Palomar Observatory sky survey, professional...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jack Newton
Jack Newton
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Author
Astronomer, best known for his publications and images in amateur astrophotography...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - John O'Neal
John O'Neal
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
John given countless presentations to the general public and to amateur and pro astronomers across the USA...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Tom Pickett
Tom Pickett
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Manages one of the world's largest online astronomy clubs, the ‘Facebook Astronomy...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Claude Plymate
Claude Plymate
Solar Astronomer - Lecturer - Outreach
Telescope Engineer and Chief Observer for Big Bear Solar Observatory's 1.6 meter Telescope...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Stephen Ramsden
Stephen Ramsden
Solar Astronomy - Lecturer - Outreach
Ramsden is the Founder of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jessica Santiscoy
Jessica Santascoy
Lecturer - Outreach
NASA award-winning communications professional who specializes in engagement...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Matthias Schmitt
Matthias Schmitt
Space Education Media - Lecturer - Outreach
More information coming soon...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pamela Shivak
Pamela Shivak
Lecturer - Outreach

Pamela Shivak is a social media astronomy, STEAM and outreach promoter. As a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons
Lecturer - Outreach

An astronomer for over 40 years, Simmons is the Founder of Astronomers Without Borders, an organization that pursues the global unity of all people by recognizing we all share "One Sky"

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza
Cosmologist - Lecturer - Outreach

More information coming soon...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Hong Su

Hong Su
Astrophotographer - Coordinator - Outreach

More information coming soon...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson
Astronomer - Scientist - Lecturer - Outreach

Thompson is an award winning JPL scientist, astronomer, and outreach icon. In addition to being on the Board of Trustees for the Mt. Wilson Institute, he often serves as Session Director of the observatory's telescopes. 

Explore Alliance Ambassador - John Unkovich
John Unkovich
Lecturer - Outreach
Founded the Columbia Astronomers. Established in 2011, the astronomy club...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Robert Vice
Robert Vice
Astrophotographer - Outreach
Chief of Police and astrophotography instructor...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dr. Constance E. Walker
Dr. Constance E. Walker
Scientific - Outreach
Scientist at NOAO who specializes in education and public outreach...


Explore Alliance Ambassadors